How to tell if you’re a real Code Buster …
1. English is your second language.
​Your first language is Pig Latin.

2.  When you meet someone, you ask for their code name instead of their real name.

​3.  You do your homework in invisible ink.

4.  All of your book reports are encrypted.

5.  You wear night goggles to bed so you can see in the dark.

6.  You call your fellow Code Busters “operatives.”

7.  You can tap out The Pledge of Allegiance in Morse Code.

8.  You prefer to type your homework on the Enigma machine rather than the computer.

9.  You have the blueprints to your school and know where the secret passageways are.

10. You use a cell phone as a language translator, magnifying glass, walkie-talkie, and flashlight.

11. You’ve translated the entire
FBI handbook into Hieroglyphs.

12. You wear a disguise when sent to the principal’s office.

13. You think your parents may be double agents.

14. You suspect the school bully is actually a mole.

15. You tail the mail carrier to see if
​he’s passing secret files.

16. Your dog is equipped with a surveillance camera.

17. You think the formula for invisible ink is the greatest invention in the world.

18. You cell phone number is code for “SAF-LINE.”

19. Your mailbox is a “dead drop.”

20. When you go to camp, you’re “off the grid.”

21. When asked a question, you answer,
​“The fox is in the henhouse.”

22. Your watch is equipped with a hidden camera.

23. You know the secret message behind
“Pop Goes the Weasel.”

24. Your lunchbox has a tracking device
in case it’s ever stolen.

25. Your bedroom is blocked off with Crime Scene tape.

26. All of your homework is marked “Top Secret.”

27. Your middle name is confidential.

28. When mailing a coded letter, you hide the
​decoder key under the stamp.

29. You give your home address in latitude and longitude.

30. You’d rather go to Quantico than Disneyland.

31. You eat edible paper with coded messages for breakfast.

32. You suspect your neighbor is working for the CIA.

33. Your BFF wrote “SOS-CU@1300@HQ”
and you know what that means.

34. The only time you don’t wear a disguise is Halloween.

35. Your comic books are full of eyeholes
so you can spy on people.

36. You have apps on your phone for a siren, a scream, a fake Taser, and the theme song from Scooby Doo.