Identity: Luke LaVeau

  Code Name: “Kuel-Dude” 
          Hair: Black, curly 
          Eyes: Dark brown 
          Other: Saints cap 
  Special Skill: Extreme sports, Skateboard, Crosswords   
  Message Center: Under porch step 
  Career Plan: Pro skater, Stunt man, Race car driver 
  Code Specialties: Word puzzles, Skater slang, Anagrams   

  Yeah, I’m Luke LaVeau. I made up the nickname, “Kuel-Dude” from my name.
  “Kuel” is an anagram of “Luke.” Plus it sounds cool. I used to live in New Orleans,
  until the hurricane came. I don’t like to talk about that much, but I still have my
  New Orleans Saints hat.   

  I’m pretty athletic. I like to skateboard, play basketball, football, do parkour, which
  is climbing up buildings and going around obstacles, just for the fun of it. Nothing
  scares me much, not after that hurricane—except girls. I don’t have them figured
  out yet. Especially Cody...   

  The kids in the club tease me about my accent. They say I talk funny and say “Y’all,”   instead of “You guys,” but I don’t mind. I live with my grand-mere and she was
  from Louisiana too. She’s always teaching me stuff like how to make home-made
  remedies. I think she was a voodoo queen a long time ago, but she won’t admit it.   

  Anyway, enough about me. I’d rather be outside doing something than indoors
  writing. Later, dudes.