Identity: Dakota-Cody-Jones 


  Code Name: “CodeRed” 
          Hair: Red, curly 
          Eyes: Green 
          Other: Freckles 
  Special Skill: Languages, reading faces and body language   
  Message Center: Tree knothole 
  Career Plan: Interpreter for UN or deaf people 
  Code Specialties: Sign language, Braille, Morse code, Police codes 
  Cody – Dakota Jones – Code Red 

  Hi, I’m Cody Jones. My real name is Dakota but no one calls me that unless  
  I’m in trouble. I look like my dad—he’s tall and thin and has the same red hair  
  and freckles, while my four-year-old sister Tana looks like my mom—blonde,
  blue-eyed, and sturdy. Tana is deaf, so I’ve learned sign language.   

  My bedroom is upstairs in our two-story house. We live in Berkeley, which
  some people called Bezerkley because some of the people here are kind of  
  “interesting.” We used to live in the Gold Country, and I miss my friends there.     
  But I’ve made new friends here so it’s getting better. We moved because my
  parents got a divorce and my mom took a job as a police officer in Berkeley.
  My dad is a lawyer and he moved his practice here to be near Tana and me.   

  I go to Berkeley Cooperative Middle School, a few blocks away from my home.
  I usually wear shorts or jeans, t-shirts, my red hoodie, and tennis shoes. I sort  
  of adopted the neighbor's have a cat—his name is Punkin—but Tana is allergic   so he spends most of his time in my yard. I made him a cool collar. He’s  orange.   

  More about me later. I have to get to school.