Who is Penny Warner? 
(AKA CBCA - Code Busters Club Author)
I’m Penny Warner, author of the Code Busters Club series, as well as about sixty other books. I love to write, especially for kids. I have a bunch of books published on having fun with kids—snacks to make, toys to create, games to play, birthdays to host—plus I write mysteries for adults.

But the most fun I have is writing the Code Busters Club series, because I love codes! In fourth and fifth grade I learned how to Sign, tap Morse code, write in Pigpen code, and speak Pig Latin. I grew up reading Nancy Drew and even wrote a book about what I learned from her called THE OFFICIAL NANCY DREW HANDBOOK. So I thought it would be fun to write a mystery for kids filled with codes for readers to solve.

Here’s a list of my current and future Code Busters Club books:

- THE CODE BUSTERS CLUB #1: SECRET OF THE SKELETON KEY (nominated for an Agatha Award for Best Juvenile Mystery), set in Berkeley, CA, and featuring Skeleton Man who lives in a supposedly haunted house…

- THE CODE BUSTERS #2: THE HAUNTED LIGHTHOUSE (won the Agatha Award for Best Juvenile Mystery), set on Alcatraz and features a jewel thief who stole—and hid—diamonds…

- THE CODE BUSTERS CLUB #3: HIDDEN TREASURE OF PIRATE BOUCHARD (nominated for an Agatha Award), set at the Carmel Mission where California’s only pirate robbed from the missionaries, who eventually hid their treasures—and then forgot where they were…

Coming in November, 2014- THE CODE BUSTERS CLUB #4: THE MUMMY’S CURSE, set at an Egyptian Museum, where a mummy may or may not come back to life, while the kids solve Hieroglyphic codes
When I’m not writing books, I spend my time teaching child development classes at the local college, creating mysteries for libraries, and presenting Code Buster Club events in schools, libraries, and at the International Spy Museum. By the way, my books are published in Japan, Brazil, and Turkey, in case you can read other languages.

​* Reach Penny Warner at
http://www.pennywarner.com or pennywarnerink@yahoo.com.