Identity: MariaElena-M.E.-Esperanto

  Code Name: “Em-me” 
          Hair: Long, brown 
          Eyes: Brown 
          Other: Fab clothes 
  Special Skill: Handwriting analysis, Fashionista 
  Message Center: Flower box 
  Career Plan: FBI handwriting analyst or Vet 
  Code Specialties: Spanish, I.M., Text messaging   

  Hi, I’m M.E. which stands for MariaElena. People always get my name mixed up with
  Mary Ellen or Mary Elizabeth so I like just using the initials. It’s easier. I come from a
  large Hispanic family—we’re from Mexico. I speak Spanish at home with my parents, and   
  English at school and with my friends. I look like my madre. We both have long dark hair     
  and brown eyes, and we love to wear colorful clothes with sparkles and glitter. I’m kind
  of known for my funny socks and creative outfits. My three brothers are older than me
  and they tease me a lot. But I love them.   

  I met Quinn and Luke at summer camp, in a class called Cryptology for Kids. That’s
  when we formed the Code Busters Club. I’m so glad Cody joined, otherwise I would have
  been the only girl. She’s my best friend now. I wish I lived next door to her, but I’m only a  
  block away. She says I have a lot of “energy,” which is probably true. But she’s braver
  than me. I’m kind of a chicken when it comes to doing scary stuff—like sneaking into a
  burned out house or meeting up with a mountain lion. But who wouldn’t be scared about

  I’ll write more later, after I get done with my homework. Unless I get a coded note from  
  one of the Code Busters about something mysterious…