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Join the Code Busters Club kids -- Cody, Quinn, M.E., Luke and Mika -- as they solve mysteries by cracking secret codes. Follow them to a Haunted House, Alcatraz Prison, the Carmel Mission, an Egyptian Museum, the International Spy Museum, Angel Island, Winchester Mystery House, and more. Learn how to decipher codes such as Morse Code, Semaphore Code, American Sign Language, Phonetic Alphabet, Pigpen Code, Washington Code, and many many more! But watch out for Matt the Brat ... who seems to be lurking behind every corner ... 

#3 Mystery of the Pirate's Treasure 

​​​​#8 The Science

Fair Scheme 

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Coming January 1, 2024... Books 7, 8, 9, and 10!

Fan Reviews 

#10 The Clash of the Code Clubs

#6 The Secret of the Puzzle Box

Meet The Code Busters:

#7 A Disappearance

in MagicLand 

#2 The Haunted   Lighthouse

#5 Hunt for the Missing Spy

#1 Secret of the 

​    Skeleton Key

#4 The Mummy's Curse   

​​#9 The Haunting of Mystery Mansion